You gotta know, at a minimum, your parts of speech, if you're to glean any gems from this site. I got those straight in Mr. Myer's 9th Grade Honors English class. That made the 2nd year of high school German a lot more accessible. It became possible to talk about language.

We're not going to shy away from the grammar on this site, no sirree. So brush up elsewhere, if you need to, on the differences between adjectives and adverbs (hint: in German, the lines are blurry...but don't get used to that), transitive and intransitive verbs, direct objects and indirect objects. You'll need all those tools your toolbox, so we can get to work fixing the parts of your German that are borked.

You'll need to know some basics about German too:

  • it's got genders
  • it's got cases
  • it's got a whole bunch of rules

Don't let that last one intimidate you. Those rules — even the not-so-hard-and-fast ones — are your friends. Get comfy with the rules, and you'll do OK in German. And Germany.