It's supposed to help you get your German right, without having to crack open that VHS coursebook. Check the pre-requisites for details.

We don't have any grand delusions about making a "Learn German on our website!" site. We firmly believe you'll need classroom instruction and lots of practical experience in order to "learn German" — whatever that means to you personally. But maybe we can help you hone the skillz you've already acquired. That seems a much more vernünftig objective to shoot for.

What's the deal with the name?

Americans (and perhaps other native English speakers? Brits and others, chime in please!) tend to pronounce the German words for "mountain" and "castle" identically. Consider the ubiquitous lettuce variety and the capital of Pennsylvania. Berg and Burg sure sound different in German, however. Unsure whether a particular locality is a -berg or a -burg? You probably didn't learn German's very dependable pronunciation guide before trying to drive around in Germany. Your GPS might not be smart enough to prevent you from the heartbreak that is arriving in Regensberg, Switzerland, when you meant to show up in Regensburg, Germany.

Who are we?

We are a couple of Americans who have lived in Germany for about ten fifteen years. We are both language nuts. One of us has a degree in German language and literature. The other of us listens to that one drone on and on about language trivia ad nauseam like a real champ. Neither of us is a licensed language instructor or has any professional experience teaching German. Nevertheless, we hope that anything you find here might be useful on your quest for perfection. Our less language-focused blog is at if this wordy stuff doesn't fascinate you.